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Columbus, GA 31909
(706) 561-3342

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What Makes Us Your Best Choice for Dance

Smaller Class Sizes
      Our smaller class sizes allow students to get more individual instruction from teachers, and as a result progress at a faster level than in a large class environment. Our smaller class sizes also ensure that the teacher can catch any problems before they turn into bad habits or improper techniques.
Variety of Dance Styles & Methods
      Highly qualified teachers with varied training and teaching methods are available to teach a broad range of dance formats. Be sure to see all of our different classes.
dance teachers and dance instructorsOur Dance Studio Advantage
      The "Floating" Professional Dance Floor

      Our "Floating" Dance Floor rests on a system of high density foam to absorb the shock and impact of regular dance movement. This benefits students by reducing fatigue and preventing injury that can result from dancing on hard surfaces.

      The top layer of our flooring surface is a professional vinyl composite "marley" floor similar to the surfaces used by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, England and shows such as Riverdance. This marley floor surface has a certain amount of controlled slip to allow for sliding in dance movement, but is not slippery like common tiles found in most other dance studios.
Preschool - Kindergarten Dance
      From the age of 3, children are given a fun introduction to the basics of dance. This program provides a solid foundation for future success in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and other styles.
Recitals, Exams and Competitions
      Students are given performance experience in our year-end recital. Students also have the option to participate in festivals, competitions and exams.

Dance Class Descriptions

      Our studio offers three levels of dance coursework designed to meet a variety of ages and levels of experience. The Preschool Program is designed specifically for the needs of the very youngest aspiring dancer and houses our students ages 3 to 5. The Primary Dance program offers our younger dancers a more formal dance curriculum and excellent foundations in ballet, jazz, and tap. This program is also designed to teach prerequisite skills and knowledge needed for coursework at the Performance level. Our Performance Level classes are designed to address the needs of the more experienced dancer by furthering their study of ballet, jazz, and tap while also offering more opportunity for exposure to different dance styles and additional performance opportunities.

      Although there is some loose age based structure to our programs, age is not a criteria for advancement to a higher level class. Instructors will be constantly assessing the progress of students during the course of the year. If an instructor observes a student exceeding his/her current class expectations, the parent will be contacted to discuss a change in class.

Preschool Dance Program (Ballet & Creative Movement)
Preschool Program
      Ages 3 - 4 is an introduction to dance. The primary goal is to foster a love of movement. The creative component is quite large. Several fun or special activities happen in each class. For example, a scarf or flag dance at the end can facilitate the dancer's own physical expression. Taking part in dancing out a narrative helps children to understand that dancing is expression. It is a means of communicating feelings and actions. Children will learn the basics of tumbling on a mat. The vocabulary covered in our Preschool Program are all steps which a 3 year old can master and they build self-confidence. The vocabulary is also set up to prepare students for our Pre-Ballet Program. Parents will receive progress assessments for their children twice a year. This evaluation will give parents a sense of class content and the goals of the program. These students will have the opportunity to perform in one routine in the annual recital.
(45 min. weekly)

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Pre-Ballet Program
      Ages 4 - 5 covers a basis of movement found in all dance forms. The goals of Pre-Ballet are to foster creativity, freedom, and expression in movement, and a love for dance. The class includes concepts that are found in an older child's dance class. The concepts will prepare the students for the following year when they graduate to Primary Ballet and/or Primary Jazz. One or two creative or free components are also included within each class. By the end of the year, the students can dance set work independent of the teacher, memorize simple exercises and sequences, and make a start of musical interpretation. Parents will receive progress assessments for their children twice a year. This evaluation will give parents a sense of class content and goals of the program. Pre-Ballet Program students will have the opportunity to perform in two routines in the annual recital.
(45 min. weekly)

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Primary Ballet I & II
      Our ballet classes offered begin with Primary Ballet I and continues through the leveled Ballet I-II classes. Students will be introduced to traditional ballet positions and correct ballet terminology. The emphasis of the program is instruction on proper ballet technique and execution. The ballet students progress through a structured set of classes designed to improve grace, flexibility, strength, and fitness.

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Ballet I & II
      As there are concerns with growth and development issues, as well as safety for young dancers, pointe classes will be offered at the discretion of the instructor, for the student 12 years and older with a minimum of three years of ballet training. Pointe students must also be enrolled in a ballet class at the same time as their enrollment in the pointe class. Our school highly recommends ballet classes be taken in conjunction with other classes as they build a strong technique foundation.
(1.5 hr. weekly)

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Primary Jazz I & II
Jazz I, II, & III
      Jazz style of dance is what is seen in many Broadway type shows such as "Cats". It is a more structured, stage style of dance. Much of the technique taught in a jazz class has its roots in basic ballet technique. Center control is also important in jazz technique. The body's center is the focal point from which all movement emanates, thus making it possible to maintain balance while executing powerful movements. Although, not required, we recommend jazz students also enroll in a ballet class at the same time in order to maximize their learning experience. Our Jazz classes begin at age 5 years and continue through adult.
(1 hr. weekly)

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Primary Hip Hop I & II
Hip Hop I & II
Teen Hip Hop
      Hip Hop is a fast, high energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Dance moves seen in performance by artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and J Lo would be typical examples of Hip Hop. Our Hip Hop classes begin at age 5 years and continue through adult.
(1 hr. weekly)

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Primary Tap I & II
Tap I & II
      Our school does not start children in tap until the age of 6. Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance. Students younger than 6 can compromise their backs if they start in tap too young. Between the ages of 6 - 8 our tap classes are traditional tap. Ages 9 and older can participate in street tap which is a funky, hip-hop inspired style of tap.
(1 hr. weekly)

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      Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Lyrical is often referred to a contemporary dance. It requires a basic knowledge of dance technique as well as the ability to use interpretative dancing skills. Due to the nature of the style, this class is not offered to Primary dance students.
(1 hr. weekly)

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      Each year our teachers invite students with talent, commitment and good team spirit to participate in a variety of competitive classes. The students compete in festivals and national competitions.
(Commitments will vary.)

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