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piano lessons      It can be said that piano training is the cornerstone of all musical studies. Most professional musicians are trained in basic piano skills, and highly recommend piano study to their respective students. A thorough knowledge of the piano can enhance any style of musical study by providing a hands on understanding of music theory, as well as excellent aural training. Piano training is a requirement for the serious student seeking a professional career in music.

      The piano department at CSMD offer a wide variety of curriculums based on age as well as areas of interest. CSMD accepts preschool students as young as 4 years old. Our instructors use an innovative program which utilizes creative characters and fun songs that captivate the imagination while at the same time teaching music theory, correct fingering, musicality, and performance. Each age level, 4 - 5, 6 - 7, 8 - 11, 12 - 14, and 14 - adult study a challenging curriculum with repertoire suitable for their age and playing level as determined by the instructor. Classical to classics, contemporary to pop, all forms of music are encouraged and are available for study.

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